Online Marketing and Brand Building for Salons

Course Content: Consultancy
Time: 3 Hours
Price: £495 (includes VAT)

Online Marketing and Brand Building for Salons


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This course will teach salon owners and their admin teams how to develop a sustainable and powerful online marketing campaign for their salons.

The London Hair Academy was featured on The Apprentice final 2014.
The winning candidate for 2014 pitched his idea to the Academy.
The Academy was chosen by the programme’s researchers for its online presence.
We can help salons establish this same online marketing and brand building prowess that caught the eye of The Apprentice researchers. We can show you our internal secrets to online marketing and guide you on how to get the most online presence within your budget.
This 3 hour master class costs £495 but is FREE for any salon who choses a tailored training package over £1495.
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// Who is this course for?

This is a 3 hour workshop for salon owners and their admin teams who are seeking to increase their client base through online marketing and brand building.

// What will I learn during this course?

This is a 3 hour master class which will teach you how to set up and run websites, how to market these websites online, engage with customers in order to increase online presence and awareness of services offered in private salons. This course also includes how to set up and manage social media, how to use Google to stand out from your competitors, and secret tips from the London Hair Academy that will help you to build a stronger brand and brand image.

The course content includes:


  • Websites and building websites
  • CMS systems
  • Images
  • Copy on your website
  • Copyrighting
  • Setting up e-commerce
  • Keeping up to date and relevant
  • Link building

Online Marketing

  • SEO
  • Adwords
  • Directories
  • Finding specialists
  • Demographic information
  • Money saving tips on Adwords
  • Analytics

Social Media

  • Uniform
  • Platforms
  • Promotions
  • Graphics
  • Management and applications
  • Increasing followers
  • Incorporating into website
  • Competitions

Brand Building

  • Google reviews
  • Google Plus page
  • Mission and vision statement
  • Open days
  • Appropriate marketing materials
  • Supplier details

// What can I do with this course?

This course will enable you to set up your salon’s website, how to use SEO and Adwords campaigns in the most effective way according to marketing capital available, and run successful social media campaigns with good client engagement and recommendations.