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  • Meet Andi
    Meet Andi
    London Hair Academy Manager
  • Meet Lorraine
    Meet Lorraine
    LHA Assistant Manager
  • Meet Beth
    Meet Beth
    London Make Up School Manager
  • Meet Shelene
    Meet Shelene
    LMS Assistant Manager
  • Meet Su
    Meet Su
  • Meet Giovanna
    Meet Giovanna
  • Meet Hannah
    Meet Hannah
  • Meet Karen
    Meet Karen
  • Meet Rumana
    Meet Rumana
  • Meet Andreea
    Meet Andreea
  • Meet Debbie
    Meet Debbie
  • Meet Angela
    Meet Angela
  • Meet Terri
    Meet Terri
  • Meet Charlene
    Meet Charlene
  • Meet Charlotte
    Meet Charlotte
  • Meet Khadine
    Meet Khadine
  • Meet Danielle
    Meet Danielle
  • Meet Neena
    Meet Neena
  • Meet Abbi
    Meet Abbi
  • Meet Helen
    Meet Helen
  • Meet Carlos
    Meet Carlos
  • Meet Louise
    Meet Louise
  • Meet Alison
    Meet Alison
  • Meet Sharon
    Meet Sharon
  • Meet Michaela
    Meet Michaela
  • Meet Sarah
    Meet Sarah
  • Meet Gary
    Meet Gary